Helping you identify signs of ASD

A practitioner working with a child

There are many signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. They may normally start to show by the time a child is two years old, and sometimes even later at three.

Although children don’t follow exact timelines when it comes to their developmental years, it helps to observe them during this age to find out if they are developing symptoms of ASD. It doesn’t present exactly the same in all children but there are common signs to watch out for.  Read more

Chiropractic Care for Special Needs Kids

A chiropractor working on a child

Special needs children often experience a lot of stress, and stress affects the body whether it’s physical, emotional, or chemical.

For example, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder sometimes bang their heads or continuously spin around, which can cause trauma to the body. They also experience emotions more intensely than atypical children. Not to mention their medications can also contribute to imbalances in their body chemistry. Read more

Educate First Responders On Autism

A police car

When people on the Autism Spectrum have encounters with law enforcement, it often escalates into a struggle. 

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder don’t often react well to strangers and authoritative behavior. That combination in an officer, not to mention the strobe lights and sirens of emergency vehicles, can only serve to further stress them out and impede their ways of communicating. And stressed individuals can trigger authorities to use force in order to take control of the situation. 

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Autism versus Social Anxiety

kids being social

Children with autism spectrum disorder may also suffer from anxiety disorder.

How can you tell if a child is on the spectrum or has social anxiety disorder? And how can you tell if a child with ASD also has SAD?

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10 Questions To Ask and Not Ask Parents Of Children with Autism

These parents are playing with their kids

People who don’t have firsthand experience with children on the spectrum often mean well, but their actions and words may come across as insensitive. 

Parents have enough on their plate taking care of their special needs children, the last thing they need is to get hurt or upset by someone who misspoke.

If you know a parent affected by autism and want to offer support, here are ways you should and shouldn’t ask about their child.

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What Is Mild Autism In Children?

a little boy walking in a field

People often have only one specific idea of what they think autism looks like and it’s usually the severe kind. They think it’s having little to no social or communication skills. Or it could be an inability to make eye contact, and a hypersensitivity to sounds and change. 


To these people, having autism automatically means you can never live a full life and you will always need someone else to care for you.


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